March 26, 2019

09AM PT | 12PM ET | 06PM CET

The RNAscope® Assay Data Analysis Webinar


Mohammed Qutaish, PhD.
Senior Image Analysis Scientist
Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc.

Connie Zhang, PhD.
Senior Technical Support Scientist
Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc.

In this webinar, we will focus on how to analyze and review RNAscope® assay data images successfully, either semi-quantitively or quantitatively by image analysis softwares. We will have a live demo to show how to use ImageJ to score chromogenic singlplex images. Particularly, we will show how to segment and count cells using color deconvolution, how to segment the probe signal using weka classifier, and how to score the overall image/field of view.


Who Should Attend:

  • Pathologists who may or may not be familiar with RNAscope® ISH
  • New and existing RNAscope® Assay users (manual and automated assay platforms)
  • Traditional ISH users new to the RNAscope® technology
  • IHC users interested in RNA ISH for complementary studies