ACD Symposium Series: The RNA Revolution
Boston, MA
December 4 (10:00 am - 3:00 pm)
The Inn at Longwood Medical


In this symposium, distinguished scientists will share
recent successes in their research to visualize RNA targets
at the single molecule level, with morphological context.
You will learn how the RNAscope™ assays are rapidly
becoming routinely used for pushing the boundaries of
understanding cellular gene expression levels, within any
tissue and species, in a multitude of research areas.
Bring a colleague and join us to learn why more
pharma, biotech, and leading research institutions
are incorporating the RNAscope assays as a trusted
RNA detection method to accelerate their translational
research and preclinical pipeline.
No registration fee. 
Continental breakfast & lunch is provided.
Complimentary parking.
  • Single-cell RNA-seq— Spatial validation approach, using the RNAscope™ assay
  • Neuroscience — Cell characterization in complex and heterogeneous tissues
  • Cell and Gene Therapy — Visualize biodistribution and pharmacodynamics
  • Translational Medicine — Leveraging the RNAscope™ assay for clinical insights
  • Pharma Assay Services — Histopathology services to support pre-clinical and clinical studies
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