July 23, 2019

09AM PT | 12PM ET | 06PM CET


New Product Introduction: The RNAscope® HiPlex Assay



Nidhi Vashistha, Ph.D.

Product Manager


Jyoti Phatak, MSc.

Associate Scientist


Precise characterization of cells in complex and heterogeneous tissues is now available with the RNAscope® HiPlex Assay. This convenient assay allows single-molecule detection of up to 12 RNA targets simultaneously with exceptional sensitivity and is ideal for studies of any expressed gene set in nearly any tissue type. 


This webinar will highlight a major advancement in the RNAscope® Fluorescent Assay product line and will include:

  • Workflow for the RNAscope® HiPlex8 Assay
  • Workflow for the RNAscope® HiPlex12 Assay
  • Applications that necessitate the use of higher plexing, such as confirmation and spatial mapping of scRNAseq results


Who should attend:

  • Researchers interested in visualizing up to 12 RNA targets simultaneously
  • Researchers seeking a method to identify many cell types concurrently
  • Researchers working with frozen samples or tissues
  • Researchers interested in simultaneously applying the RNAscope® ISH and IHC/IF assays in the same tissue section


Learning Objectives:

Introduction to the RNAscope® HiPlex Assay and applications overview.