August 27, 2019

09AM PT | 12PM ET | 06PM CET


Using CellProfiler to Analyze Your RNAscope® Images

Watch the recording here: Youtube Link


Amber Jolly Ph.D.

Image Analysis Scientist


RNAscope® assay is an innovative and proprietary RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) assay based on ACD’s patented technology with signal amplification and simultaneous background noise suppression. RNAscope® assay delivers quantitative, sensitive and specific molecular detection of RNA species on a cell-by-cell basis with anatomical context in a single assay. 


In this webinar, we will focus on how to analyze RNAscope® assay data images using the open source platform CellProfiler. We will cover the following topics:

  • RNAscope® technology introduction and overview
  • RNAscope® and BasescopeTM data interpretation
  • Scoring guidelines for RNAscope and Basescope assays
  • RNAscope assay images quality control
  • CellProfiler image analysis workflow
  • CellProfiler Demo


Who should attend:

  • Pathologists who may or may not be familiar with RNAscope® ISH
  • New and existing RNAscope® Assay users (manual and automated assay platforms)
  • Traditional ISH users new to the RNAscope® technology
  • IHC users interested in RNA ISH for complementary studies
  • RNAscope users interested in Open Source image analysis options