ACD Seminar Series
RNAscope® Technology

Tuesday April 24, 2017

Centre for Stem Cells & Reg. Med, Kings College London, UK


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Tuesday April 24, 2017

12 - 1 pm

Seminar Room, 28th Floor

Tower Wing, Guy's Campus, Great Maze Pond

Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine and Institute for Liver Studies
King's College London, UK

The RNAscope® in situ hybridization assay is a revolutionary ISH assay—a technology is being routinely used for tissue-based gene expression analysis for stem cell research applications. In particular, the rapid probe design coupled with single-molecule detection enables cell-specific localization of RNA transcripts quickly and precisely for markers of stem cell populations. Researchers using RNAscope technology have published 28 papers on LGR5 in stem cell populcations and another 60 stem cell papers. 


Faraia Shah will present an overview of the RNAscope Assay and the newly introduced BaseScope Assay .  Additionally, she will review published data and highlight how other researchers have applied RNAscope assay to

  • Identify, characterize, and locate stem cell populations
  • Reveal markers of stem cell maintenance and regeneration
  • Identify long non-coding RNAs in stem cells
  • Detect stem cell markers when no reliable antibodies are available


Maria Paola Serra, Postdoctoral Fellow Rashid Lab will also present her own experiences of the assay:

Characterisation of fetal liver cell populations during development


Questions can be directed to: 

Faraia Shah (MPhil, PhD)
Sales Account Executive  Advanced Cell Diagnostics


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