ACD RNAscope® Seminar Series
Visualize the RNA World
September 14th, 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

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Current State-of-the-Art in Tissue-base RNA Analysis with RNAscope® Technology

Advanced Cell Diagnostics’ RNAscope® platform is fast becoming a routinely used method for gene expression analysis. ACD has nearly 9000 target RNA-specific probes in use and there are over 500 publications with the method. RNAscope® is enabling faster and more rigorous target analysis; it is a robust and ultra-sensitive RNA in situ hybridization (RNA ISH) method providing single-cell and single-molecule RNA detection in the context of complex disease microenvironments. ACD’s proprietary oligo probe design and amplification methods result in a universal assay that is as sensitive and specific as RT-PCR and provides cellular resolution and tissue context. RNAscope® detection limit is significantly lower than IHC and has been clinically validated; it has enabled patient selection in clinical trials and ACD has partners for CDx development. The technology and illustrations of published application will be presented.


Level 3 Seminar Room,
15 Innovation Walk (Bldg 75),
Monash Clayton


September 14, 12:00-2:00pm 


Speaker: Nina Nguyen 

Sr. Manager, Global Distributors
Advanced Cell Diagnostics

RNA expression of EPCAM1 (red dots) and EGFR (green dots)  is breast cancer FFPE tissue using RNAscope® Duplex Assay

Wnt4 RNA expression (brown dots) in mouse eye FFPE Tissue using RNAscope® Assay v2.5 Brown

Npy(green dots) & Fexf2 (red)  RNA expression in mouse brain fresh frozen tissue; RNAscope® Multiplex Fluorescent Assay