We are pleased to invite scientists from Pharmas, Biotechs and Academic labs who are applying molecular methods in research and interested in elevating their research with new RNA analysis technologies to join ACD free symposium.


The morning session,  hosted by ACD support scientist will help new or recent users understand the RNAscope® technology and discuss how to produce quality results with simple and easy steps. In this  session, our support scientist will  address questions related to assay workflow , sample preparation  and also provide tips and tricks to perform RNAscope® assay successfully in your lab.  


The afternoon session will feature presentations by scientists who have successfully applied RNA ISH in their research. Presenters will share how their work has been impacted by a new dimension of information—gene expression with spatial resolution. We will also discuss recent advances in RNAscope® technology, which enables detections of a wide range of molecules, including any mRNA, exon junctions, point mutations and tissue-based CRISPR edits, single-copy viral RNA and DNA genome detection..


Network and expand your scientific circle over drinks after the presentations and get a chance to win one of the two OpenTable Gift Certificates (value of $250)*. 



October 13 2016 - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pine - San Diego - California

Afternoon Speakers

  • Ju Young Kim, PhD
    Senior Scientist, Genoptix, A Novartis Company​

    Evaluation of CTLA4 in metastatic melanoma patients by multiplexed RNAScope/fluorescent IHC and quantitative image analysis
  • Thuc Nguyen, PhD
    Senior Research Associate, Molecular Genetics, Allen Institute for Brain Science

    Defining cell types in the brain using single molecule FISH
  • Jordi Serrats, PhD
    Senior Scientist, Takeda California, Inc.
    BcTRAP and RNAscope: The perfect duo for novel target ID and validation
  • Beatrice DeBrosse-Serra
    Senior Research Associate, Ionis Pharmaceuticals
    Malat1/FOXP3 using ACD RNAscope LS Multiplex Fluorescent Staining Kit
  • Emily Park, Ph.D
    Senior Director R&D, Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc.
    Comprehensive evaluation of tumor-immune environment by RNAscope® and BaseScope™ ISH assays, two highly specific and sensitive in situ hybridization methods
  • Chris Bunker, Ph.D
    Vice President of Business Development, Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc.
    Breakthrough RNA ISH assays for detection of mRNA, isoforms and sequence mutations in fixed animal and human tissues ​


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