December 19, 2017

09AM PST | 12PM EST | 06PM CET

RNAscope® Tips and Tricks



Connie Zhang, PhD.
Senior Technical Support Scientist
Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc.


Getting Started and Troubleshooting Tips for RNAscope® and BaseScope™ Assays

RNAscope® and BaseScope™ Assays are ideal tools to complement technologies like IHC, qPCR or NGS.

In this webinar we will discuss the benefits of both RNAscope® and BaseScope™ assays and share tips and tricks on how to perform these assays successfully to obtain publication-quality RNA in situ results. We will also highlight some examples of data for stem cell research specific applications, such as analysis of LRG5 expression.

This webinar will benefit both new and experienced RNAscope® technology users.

The learning objectives for this webinar:
  • How RNAscope® and BaseScope™ assays work
  • What you need to get started
  • Tips and tricks for successful sample preparation
  • Examples of staining results & research application specific data
  • FAQs & Troubleshooting tips

Please bring your RNAscope® technology questions to the webinar and our team will answer them live by chat or you can also send in your questions in advance to