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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


BaseScope™ Assay: Recent Applications & Frequently Asked Questions



Vanee Pho, Ph.D 
Senior Product Management

Courtney Anderson, Ph.D
Senior Scientist


In this webinar we will review the BaseScope™ assay, a unique assay based on RNAscope® Technology, allowing detection of short targets, exon junction and RNA mutation in morphological context. The webinar will cover FAQs about this assay, such as sensitivity, scoring and differences as compared to the RNAscope® Assay.

Who should attend?

•    Researchers analyzing any mRNA, including specific isoforms, novel exon junctions such as alternative isoforms, SNPs and mutations, highly homologous target as well as viral vectors and codon-optimized transgene expression. 

•    Users who want to understand the differences between RNAscope® assay and BaseScope™ assay. 

•    Researchers limited by antibody availability for IHC for their specific target including highly homologous targets.


Learning Objectives: Deeper understanding of the BaseScope™ Assay and applications overview.


Please bring your RNAscope® probe questions to the webinar and our team will do their best to answer them live by chat or you can also send in your questions in advance to