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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Product Introduction:
RNAscope® VS Universal HRP, AP and Duplex Assays



Vanee Pho, Ph.D
Senior Product Manager, Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc.






Adrian Murillo
Development Manager, Ventana Medical Systems,
Part of Roche Diagnostics

Join us for a co-hosted webinar with Roche Tissue Diagnostics, CDx, DISCOVERY focusing on the next generation RNAscope® VS Universal HRP, AP and Duplex Assays. These assays are ideal for single-molecule detection of up to two RNA targets simultaneously within the same tissue on the Ventana DISCOVERY ULTRA system.


This webinar will highlight the next generation in RNAscope® technology for the Ventana system.


This will include: 

  • RNAscope® VS Universal HRP using DAB detection (Brown)
  • RNAscope® VS Universal HRP using AP detection (Red)
  • RNAscope® VS Duplex  (Red/ Brown)


Advanced Cell Diagnostics will present the RNAscope® technology - the methodology, examples of data obtained.  Roche Tissue Diagnostics, CDx, DISCOVERY will introduce new protocols to enable ISH/IHC or ISH/IF on the same slide using the mRNA Universal Procedure from Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.


This webinar will benefit both new and experienced RNAscope® technology users.


Please bring your RNAscope® technology questions to the webinar and our team will answer them live by chat or you can also send in your questions in advance to