ACD Seminar Series
RNAscope® Technology

March, 28th

Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL, London


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 Tuesday March 28, 2017

1:00 - 2:00 pm

UCL - Institute of Ophthalmology
11-43 Bath Street, London

Seminar Room


The RNAscope® technology is being routinely used for tissue-based gene expression analysis for target validation, pathobiology and biomarker development in every disease area. This technology, with its capacity to provide single-cell and single-RNA molecule sensitivity in the context of complex tissue microenvironments, is an ideal tool to complement technologies like IHC, qPCR or NGS.

This seminar will give an overview on RNAscope® and BaseScope™ assays, the two highly specific and sensitive ISH methods that allow visualizing gene expression and genetic variations in tissue environments:

  • Detection, characterization, and (co-)localization of mRNAs in the central and peripheral nervous system: 
    • Co-expression with specific cell type markers
    • Sub-cellular localization of mRNA expression in cell body, axons or dendrites
  • Validation of target mRNA expression after high-throughput transcriptome analysis
  • Detection of mRNA in the nervous system when no (reliable) antibodies are available, including GPCRs and long non-coding RNA (lncRNA)
  • Validation of (cell type-specific) genetic modifications including knock-out models or transgene expression
  • Characterization of specific alternatively spliced variants in single cells
  • Visualizing expression of circular RNAs at subcellular level in tissue environment



Faraia Shah (MPhil, PhD)
Sales Account Executive
Advanced Cell Diagnostics