Purchase via ACD's
ONLINE store & receive
a $20 gift card *

Ready to claim your $20 Starbucks gift card?

* Terms and conditions

Available for qualified US customers only. Qualifying purchases must meet the following:

  • Grand total greater than $500
  • Purchased via ACD's online store
  • Purchase completed before August 31, 2017, midnight PST.
  • Quote can be generated using ACD online store or by your ACD representative

NOTE:  Some offline-generated quotes cannot be ordered online. Those quotes include one of the following items: RNAscope® Custom Probes or Custom Reagents, BaseScope™ Probes or Reagents, HybEZ® ovens or a few other selected products.

Each customer may receive one gift card per month and up to two gift cards during the promotional period starting July 25, 2017 and  ending August 31, 2017,

When will the prizes be awarded? On July 31 and August 31, 2017, ACD will email the $20 Starbucks e-gift card to the qualified ACD online account member that placed the qualifying online order during that month. 

If you have questions about this promotion, please contact websitesupport_ACD@acdbio.com