New Product Webinar
BaseScope™ LS and VS Automated Assays Webinar
May 29
9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET

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Join the ACD team for our training webinar series introducing our new BaseScope™automated assays for the Leica Bond Rx and Ventana DISCOVERY ULTRA. We will give an overview of these new products, how to use them in your lab and show example of studies performed by ACD including spatial mapping of splice variants, circular RNAs and CDR3 sequences in intact fixed tissue. We will also highlight recent publications showing the use of the BaseScope™ assay for the detection of splice variants, highly homologous genes, and precursor microRNAs within tissue context.


Who should attend?

  • Any researchers interested to analyze any mRNA, including specific isoforms, novel exon junctions such as alternative isoforms, SNPs and highly homologous target as well as viral vectors and codon-optimized transgene expression
  • Bond Rx or Ventana DISCOVER ULTRA users interested in analyzing specific isoforms or alternative isoforms
  • qPCR or NGS users interested in validating and localizing expression of variant isoform in tissue samples
  • IHC users limited by antibody availability for their specific target including highly homologous target


Learning Objectives:

Introduction to the BaseScope™ Automated Assays for Leica Bond Rx and Ventana DISCOVERY ULTRA automated strainers  and applications overview.


Vanee Pho, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Products
Advanced Cell Diagnostics



Courtney Anderson, Ph.D.
Applications Scientist
Advanced Cell Diagnostics